Doctor Who Reviews

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The First Doctor - William Hartnell

CC8.5. The Beginning
TN11. Frayed
CC9.1. The Sleeping Blood
ST3. Seven to One
CC8.2. The Alchemists
CC5.6. Quinnis
TN1. Time and Relative
DORS6.1. An Unearthly Woman
DWM231-3. Operation Proteus
DD1. Hunters of Earth
1. An Unearthly Child
2. The Daleks
3. The Edge of Destruction
4. Marco Polo
VMA12. The Sorcerer's Apprentice
TITAN. In-Between Times
EA3.1. The Age of Endurance
5. The Keys of Marinus
LS2.1b. The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance
6. The Aztecs
7. The Sensorites
CC3.7. The Transit of Venus
8. The Reign of Terror
ST1. Rise and Fall
1DA1.1. The Destination Wars
1DA1.2. The Great White Hurricane
1DA2.1. The Invention of Death
1DA2.2. The Barbarians and the Samurai
1DA3.1. The Phoenicians
1DA3.2. Tick-Tock World
1DA4.1. Return to Skaro
1DA4.2. Last of the Romanovs
1DA5.1. For the Glory of Urth
1DA5.2. The Hollow Crown
LS2.1a. Farewell, Great Macedon
LS3.7. The Masters of Luxor
CC7.10. The Library of Alexandria
ST4. A Star is Born
CC7.7. The Flames of Cadiz
ST8.9. A Small Semblance of Home
DWM200. Rennigan's Record
CC13.1. E Is For...
EA1.1. Domain of the Voord
ST5.1. Flywheel Revolution
CC6.10. The Wanderer
PDA25. City at World's End
PDA9. The Witch Hunters
CC3.1. Here There Be Monsters
9. Planet of Giants
PDA75. The Time Travellers
10. The Dalek Invasion of Earth
EA7.1. After the Daleks
DEC2. The Nine-Day Queen
DWM448. The Revenants
11. The Rescue
PDA44. Byzantium!
12. The Romans
CC8.9. Starborn
PDA66. The Eleventh Tiger
13. The Web Planet
EA3.2. The Fifth Traveller
LS4.1. The Dark Planet
ST2. 1963
CC6.2. The Rocket Men
14. The Crusade
15. The Space Museum
YB1994. A Religious Experience
VMA28. The Plotters
CC8.8. The Sleeping City
CC9.2. The Unwinding World
CC13.2. Daybreak
EA1.2. The Doctor's Tale
16. The Chase
TS. Journey Out of Terror
17. The Time Meddler
CC1.1. Frostfire
EA1.3. The Bounty of Ceres
VMA16. The Empire of Glass
DWMSS. Are You Listening?
EA3.3. The Ravelli Conspiracy
CC11.1. Fields of Terror
CC9.3. The Founding Fathers
ST5.9. Etheria
CC11.2. Across the Darkened City
CC8.3. Upstairs
EA5.1. The Dalek Occupation of Winter
EA5.2. An Ideal World
EA5.3. Entanglement
EA5.4. The Crash of the UK-201
CC4.7. The Suffering
18. Galaxy 4
19. Mission to the Unknown
20. The Myth Makers
21. The Daleks' Master Plan 1-7
STR4. The Little Drummer Boy
CC6.7. The Anachronauts
BBC. Men of War
EA1.4. An Ordinary Life
CC5.1. The Guardian of the Solar System
CC4.1. The Drowned World
CC3.5. Home Truths
STR. The Little Drummer Boy
EA3.4. The Sontarans
21. The Daleks' Master Plan 8-12
CC5.8. The Perpetual Bond
CC5.12. The Cold Equations
CC6.5. The First Wave
NOVEL. Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space
TVC674-83. The Klepton Parasites
TVC684-9. The Therovian Quest
TVC690-2. The Hijacker of Thrax
TVC693-8. Doctor Who on the Web Planet
TVC699-704. The Gyros
TVCHS65. Prisoners of Gritog
TVC705-9. Home to Hamelin
TVC710-2. Moon Landing
TVC713-5. In Reverse
TVC716-9. Lizardworld
TVCA66. Prisoners of the Kleptons
TVCA66. The Caterpillar Men
TVC720-3. The Ordeals of Demeter
TVC724-7. Enter: The Go-Ray
TVC728-31. Dr. Who Meets the Frog People
TVC732-5. A Christmas Story
TVC736-9. In Search of the Didius
TVC740-3. Space Station Z-7
TVC744-7. Plague of the Black Scorpi
TVC748-52. The Trodos Tyrrany
TVCHS66. Guests of King Neptune
TVCHS66. The Gaze of the Gorgon
TVC753-7. The Secret of Gemino
TVC758-62. The Haunted Planet
TVC763-7. The Hunters of Zerox
TVC768-71. The Underwater Robot
TVCA67. Deadly Cargo
TVCA67. The Pets
TVC772-5. Return of the Trods
TVC776-9. The Galaxy Games
TVC780-3. The Experimenters
ST7.12. O Tannenbaum
CC13.3. The Vardan Invasion of Mirth
ST9.12. Peace in Our Time
ST10.6. Out of the Deep
22. The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve
PDA18. Salvation
EA7.2. The Secrets of Det-Sen
23. The Ark
24. The Celestial Toymaker
25. The Gunfighters
CC2.1. Mother Russia
ST6.5. This Sporting Life
PDA39. Bunker Soldiers
CC7.5. Return of the Rocket Men
CC8.10. The War to End All Wars
26. The Savages
DEC3. Tarnished Image
SST. The Horror at Bletchington Station
VMA19. The Man in the Velvet Mask
27. The War Machines
28. The Smugglers
CC11.3. The Bonfires of the Vanities
DWM218-20. Food For Thought
PDA54. Ten Little Aliens
CC11.4. The Plague of Dreams
CC13.4. The Crumbling Magician
ST7.5. Falling
29. The Tenth Planet
CC9.4. The Locked Room

The Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton

30. The Power of the Daleks
VMA13. Invasion of the Cat-People
CC12.1. The Curator's Egg
PDA2. The Murder Game
PDA47. Dying in the Sun
TN7. Wonderland
ST6.6. Lost and Found
31. The Highlanders
32. The Underwater Menace
33. The Moonbase
34. The Macra Terror
CC3.9. Resistance
EA2.1. The Yes Men
EA4.1. The Night Witches
CC10.1. The Mouthless Dead
PDA6. The Roundheads
CC5.9. The Forbidden Time
CC6.8. The Selachian Gambit
CC7.8. House of Cards
EA2.2. The Forsaken
EA4.2. The Outliers
EA4.3. The Morton Legacy
EA6.1. The Home Guard
35. The Faceless Ones
36. The Evil of the Daleks
37. The Tomb of the Cybermen
CC3.2. The Great Space Elevator
ST2. The Way Forward
CC12.2. Dumb Waiter
38. The Abominable Snowmen
39. The Ice Warriors
EA2.3. The Black Hole
PDA14. Dreams of Empire
PDA55. Combat Rock
CC10.2. The Story of Extinction
BBC. The Elysian Blade
ST9.4. Year of the Drex Olympics
40. The Enemy of the World
41. The Web of Fear
DWMSS93. Bringer of Darkness
VMA26. Twilight of the Gods
VMA32. The Dark Path
CC4.8. The Emperor of Eternity
42. Fury from the Deep
ST8.X. The Last Day at Work
ST10.2. Deleted Scenes
43. The Wheel in Space
CC1.2. Fear of the Daleks
CC7.2. The Uncertainty Principle
44. The Dominators
45. The Mind Robber
46. The Invasion
EA2.4. The Isos Network
EA4.4. The Wreck of the World
SST. The Horror of Hy-Brasil
ST5.2. Little Doctors
DD2. Shadow of Death
LS2.2. Prison in Space
LS3.8. The Rosemariners
TN5. Foreign Devils
CC10.3. The Integral
DEC1. The Fallen Angel
LS4.2. The Queen of Time
CC12.3. The Iron Maid
CC8.6. The Dying Light
47. The Krotons
DWM224-6. Land of the Blind
PDA69. The Indestructible Man
ST4. Penny Wise, Pound Foolish
EA6.2. Daughter of the Gods
CC6.3. The Memory Cheats
CC6.11. The Jigsaw War
ST3. The Five Dimensional Man
48. The Seeds of Death
CC4.2. The Glorious Revolution
STR3. Lepidoptery for Beginners
LS4.3. Lords of the Red Planet
DEC2. Vortex of Fear
PDA24. The Final Sanction
CC5.2. Echoes of Grey
CC7.11. The Apocalypse Mirror
ST5.10. The Way of the Empty Hand
PDA77. The Wheel of Ice
49. The Space Pirates
VMA10. The Menagerie
CC8.12. Second Chances
PDA61. The Colony of Lies
CC10.4. The Edge
ST7.8. The British Invasion
CC12.4. The Tactics of Defeat
50. The War Games
TS. Save Yourself
PDA74. World Game
CC2.2. Helicon Prime
ST1. A Stain of Red in the Sand
SST. The Piltdown Man
TVC784-7. The Extortioner
TVC788-91. The Trodos Ambush
TVC792-5. The Doctor Strikes Back
TVC796-8. The Zombies
TVC799-802. Master of Spiders!
TVC803-6. The Exterminator
TVCHS67. Barnabus
TVCHS67. Jungle Adventure
TVC807-11. The Monsters from the Past!
TVC812-5. The TARDIS Worshippers
TVC816-9. Space War Two
TVC820-3. Egyptian Escapade
TVCA68. Attack of the Daleks
TVCA68. Pursued by the Trods
TVC824-7. Secret of the Cybermen
TVC828-31. The Faithful Rocket Pack
TVC832-6. Flower Power
TVC837-41. The Witches
TVC842-45. The Big Dig
TVC846-9. The Sabre Toothed Gorillas
TVC850-3. The Cyber Empire
TVC854-8. The Dryons
TVCHS68. Return of the Witches
TVCHS68. Masquerade
TVC859-63. Dr. Who and the Space Pirates
TVC864-7. Car of the Century
TVC868-71. The Jokers
TVCA69. The Time Museum
TVCA69. The Electrodes
TVC872-6. The Invasion of the Quarks
TVC877-80. The Killer Wasps
TVC881-4. Ice Cap Terror
TVC885-9. Jungle of Doom
TVC890-3. Father Time
TVC894-8. Martha the Mechanical Housemaid
TVC899-902. The Duellists
TVC903-6. Eskimo Joe
TVC907-10. Peril at 60 Fathoms
TVCHS69. The Champion
TVC911-5. Operation Wurlitzer
TVCA70. Death Race
TVCA70. Test Flight
TVC916-20. Actions in Exile
TVC921-4. The Mark of Terror
TVC925-8. The Brotherhood
TVC929-33. U.F.O.
TVC934-6. The Night Walkers

The Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee

51. Spearhead from Space
TVC944-9. The Arkwood Experiments
DD3. Vengeance of the Stones
TVC950-4. The Multi-Mobile
TVC955-9. Insect
TVCHS70. Assassin from Space
TVCHS70. Undercover
52. Doctor Who and the Silurians
ST6.7. The Blame Game
CC2.3. Old Soldiers
CC4.9. Shadow of the Past
53. The Ambassadors of Death
DEC1. The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back
ST2. Walls of Confinement
SST. The Christmas Dimension
CC7.4. The Last Post
ST10.11. Blue Boxes
54. Inferno
TVC960-4. The Mysterious Meteorite
TVC965-9. The Fishmen of Carpantha
TVC970-6. Doctor Who and the Rocks from Venus
CC6.9. Binary
3DA7.1. The Unzal Incursion
VMA21. The Eye of the Giant
CC3.1. The Blue Tooth
VMA24. The Scales of Injustice
TVCA71. Castaway
TVCA71. Levitation
TVC977-84. Dr. Who and the Robot
TVC985-91. Trail of Fire
TVC992-9. The Kingdom Builders
CC6.12. The Rings of Ikiria
PDA1. The Devil Goblins of Neptune
DEC1. Prisoners of the Sun
SST. Taken for Granted
55. Terror of the Autons
ST6.8. Damascus
LT3. The Sacrifice of Jo Grant
CC5.10. The Sentinels of the New Dawn
CC3.3. The Doll of Death
PDA63. Deadly Reunion
DWM221-3. Change of Mind
56. The Mind of Evil
57. The Claws of Axos
LS4.4. The Mega
58. Colony in Space
59. The Daemons
ST1. Degrees of Truth
CD1-5. Gemini Plan
CD6-13. Timebenders
PDA78. Harvest of Time
ST7.2. Gardeners' World
CC3.10. The Magician's Oath
STR7. The Switching
DWMWS91. The Man in the Ion Mask
60. Day of the Daleks
PDA7. The Face of the Enemy
61. The Curse of Peladon
BBC. Horrors of War
62. The Sea Devils
ST5.11. The Other Woman
CC5.3. Find and Replace
63. The Mutants
DWM411. The Mists of Time
PDA40. Rags
3DA5.1. Primord
3DA5.2. The Scream of Ghosts
3DA6.1. Poison of the Daleks
3DA6.2. Operation: Hellfire
64. The Time Monster
3DA1.1. Prisoners of the Lake
DEC2. Where the Heart Is
3DA3.2. Storm of the Horofax
TS. The Clean Air Act
DWM234. Target Practice
PDA30. Verdigris
65. The Three Doctors
3DA2.2. The Hidden Realm
PDA19. The Wages of Sin
CC7.9. The Scorchies
TITAN. The Heralds of Destruction
3DA1.2. The Havoc of Empires
66. Carnival of Monsters
DORS6.3. Peepshow
PDA56. The Suns of Caresh
CC6.4. The Many Deaths of Jo Grant
ST3. Pop-Up
67. Frontier in Space
68. Planet of the Daleks
3DA3.1. The Conquest of Far
PDA11. Catastrophea
TN3. Nightdreamers
ST5.3. Time Tunnel
3DA2.1. The Transcendence of Ephros
CC8.4. Ghost in the Machine
3DA4.1. The Rise of the New Humans
ST9.6. The Same Face
3DA4.2. The Tyrants of Logic
ST4. Lost in the Wakefield Triangle
VMA9. Dancing the Code
VMA27. Speed of Flight
DEC3. ...And Eternity in an Hour
PDA28. Last of the Gaderene
69. The Green Death
CC7.12. Council of War
ST7.X. Landbound
CD15-22. The Vogan Slaves
CC4.3. The Prisoner of Peladon
CD23-32. The Celluloid Midas
CD33-9. Backtime
CDA72. The Master-Plant
CD40-6. The Eternal Present
CD47-54. Sub Zero
CD55-62. The Planet of the Daleks
TVA63-70. A Stitch in Time
TVA71-8. The Enemy from Nowhere
TVA79-88. The Ugrakks
TVA89-93. Steel Fist
CDA73. Ride to Nowhere
ST1. A True Gentleman
TVA94-100. Zeron Invasion
TVA101-3. Deadly Choice
TVA104. Who is the Stranger
TVA107-11. The Glen of Sleeping
TVA12. The Threat from Beneath
TVA116-9. Back to the Sun
DWHS73. Fogbound
DWHS73. Secret of the Tower
TVA120. The Labyrinth
TVA123. The Spoilers
TVA125-9. The Vortex
TVA131. The Unheard Voice
TVA74. The Hungry Planet
TVC1133-8. Children of the Evil Eye
TVC1139-47. Nova
TVC1148-54. The Amateur
TVC1155-9. The Disintegrator
TVC1160-9. Is Anyone There?
TVC1170-6. Size Control
TVC1177-83. The Magician!
70. The Time Warrior
BBCRADIO5. The Paradise of Death
71. Invasion of the Dinosaurs
72. Death to the Daleks
3DA7.2. The Gulf
ST10.3. Decline of the Ancient Mariner
BBCRADIO. The Ghosts of N-Space
VMA7. The Ghosts of N-Space
AN1. Scourge of the Cybermen
73. The Monster of Peladon
PDA52. Amorality Tale
TVC1184-90. The Metal-Eaters!
TVCA75. Petrified
TVC1191-8. Lords of the Ether!
TVC1199-203. The Wanderers
PDA71. Island of Death
74. Planet of the Spiders

The Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker

75. Robot
TVC1204-14. Death Flower!
76. The Ark in Space
77. The Sontaran Experiment
78. Genesis of the Daleks
VMA31. A Device of Death
79. Revenge of the Cybermen
LS6.1. Return of the Cybermen
ST9.8. #HarrySullivan
DWM235-7. Black Destiny
PDA62. Wolfsbane
80. Terror of the Zygons
81. Planet of Evil
ST3. The Wondrous Box
VMA14. Managra
82. Pyramids of Mars
DEC1. The Duke of Dominoes
83. The Android Invasion
TITAN. Gaze of the Medusa
ST7.6. How to Win Planets and Influence People
PDA82. Scratchman
84. The Brain of Morbius
VMA2. Evolution
ST2. Chain Reaction
TVC1215-22. Return of the Daleks!
TVC1223-31. The Wreckers!
TVC1232-8. The Emperor's Spy!
TVC1239-44. The Sinister Sea
TVCA76. Woden's Warriors
TVC1245-50. The Space Ghost!
TVC1251-8. The Dalek Revenge!
TVC1259-65. Virus
TVC1266-72. Treasure Trail
TVC1273-9. Hubert's Folly
TVC1280-6. Counter-Rotation
TVC1287-90. Mind Snatch
TVC1291. The Hoaxers
TVCA77. The Tansbury Experiment
TVC1292-7. The Mutant Strain
TVC1298-304. Double Trouble
85. The Seeds of Doom
DEC1. Scarab of Death
BBCRADIO. Doctor Who and the Pescatons
VMA11. System Shock
TVC1305-11. Dredger
86. The Masque of Mandragora
BBCRADIO. Exploration Earth: The Time Machine
87. The Hand of Fear
88. The Deadly Assassin
CDNM2.1. Night of the Vashta Nerada
TN4. Ghost Ship
PDA80. The Drosten's Curse
DORS4.4. Someone I Once Knew
TVC1312-7. The False Planet
TVC1318-25. The Fire Feeders
TVC1326-33. Kling Dynasty
TVCHS77. The Sky Warrior
DEC3. UNITed We Fall
PDA22. Millennium Shock
PDA42. Asylum
89. The Face of Evil
90. The Robots of Death
ST9.1. The Revisionists
ST1. The Death-Dealer
PDA15. Last Man Running
PDA27. Corpse Marker
PDA46. Psi-ence Fiction
PDA70. Match of the Day
ST5.4. The Ghost Trap
LS2.7a. The Foe from the Future
ST5.12. Black Dog
91. The Talons of Weng-Chiang
FDA1.1. Destination: Nerva
STR5. Sound the Siren and I'll Come to You Comrade
TVC1334-40. The Orb
TVC1341-7. The Mutants
TVC1348-52. The Devil's Mouth
TVC1353-60. The Aqua-City
FDA1.2. The Renaissance Man
FDA1.3. The Wrath of the Iceni
FDA1.4. Energy of the Daleks
PDA8. Eye of Heaven
FDA1.5-6. Trail of the White Worm/The Oseidon Adventure
BFB11. Night of the Stormcrow
SST. The Smallest Battle
CC7.6. The Child
PHP1.1. The Ghosts of Gralstead
PHP1.2. The Devil's Armada
PHP2. The Genesis Chamber
PHP3. The Helm of Awe
PHP4. The God of Phantoms
PDA50. Drift
SST. String Theory
FDA3.1. The King of Sontar
FDA3.2. White Ghosts
FDA3.3. The Crooked Man
FDA3.4. The Evil One
FDA3.5. Last of the Colophon
FDA3.6. Destroy the Infinite
FDA3.7. The Abandoned
FDA3.8. Zygon Hunt
FDA10.1. The World Traders
FDA10.2. The Day of the Comet
FDA10.3. The Tribulations of Thadeus Nook
FDA10.4. The Primeval Design
CC2.4. The Catalyst
CC3.4. Empathy Games
92. Horror of Fang Rock
LS2.7b. The Valley of Death
93. The Invisible Enemy
94. Image of the Fendahl
DEC2. People of the Trees
95. The Sun Makers
FDA4.1. The Exxilons
FDA4.2. The Darkness of Glass
FDA4.3. Requiem for the Rocket Men
FDA4.4. Death Match
FDA4.5. Suburban Hell
FDA4.6. The Cloisters of Terror
FDA4.7-8. The Fate of Krelos/Return to Telos
96. Underworld
FDA7.1. The Sons of Kaldor
FDA7.2. The Crowmarsh Experiment
FDA7.3-4. The Mind Runners/The Demon Rises
FDA7.5. The Shadow of London
FDA7.6. The Bad Penny
FDA7.7-8. Kill the Doctor!/The Age of Sutekh
FDA9.5. Shadow of the Sun
DU1.0. The Dalek Protocol
CC4.10. The Time Vampire
97. The Invasion of Time
TVC1361-5. The Snow Devils
TVC1366-70. The Space Garden
TVC1371-2. The Eerie Manor
TVC1373-9. Guardian of the Tomb
TVC1380-5. The Image Makers
TVCA79. The Sea Devil
HN1. The Stuff of Nightmares
HN2. The Dead Shoes
HN3. The Circus of Doom
HN4. A Sting in the Tale
HN5. Hive of Horror
DQ1. The Relics of Time
DQ2. The Demon of Paris
DQ3. A Shard of Ice
DQ4. Starfall
DQ5. Sepulchre
SC1. Tsar Wars
SC2. The Broken Crown
SC3. Aladdin Time
SC4. The Hexford Invasion
SC5. Survivors in Space
FDA8.1. The Sinestran Kill
FDA8.2. Planet of the Drashigs
FDA8.3. The Enchantress of Numbers
FDA8.4-5. The False Guardian/Time's Assassin
FDA8.6. Fever Island
FDA8.7-8. The Perfect Prisoners
DEC3. Timevault
98. The Ribos Operation
PDA29. The Tomb of Valdemar
99. The Pirate Planet
100. The Stones of Blood
VMA25. The Shadow of Weng-Chiang
PDA32. Heart of TARDIS
CC5.11. Ferril's Folly
101. The Androids of Tara
102. The Power of Kroll
103. The Armageddon Factor
FDA2.1. The Auntie Matter
FDA2.2-3. The Sands of Life/War Against the Laan
FDA2.4. The Justice of Jalxar
FDA2.5. Phantoms of the Deep
FDA2.6-7. The Dalek Contract/The Final Phase
SST. The Warren Legacy
SST. The Doctor's First XI
CC3.12. The Stealers from Saiph
104. Destiny of the Daleks
DWM212-4. Victims
ST4. The Old Rogue
105. City of Death
106. The Creature from the Pit
VMA6. The Romance of Crime
NA3. The Romance of Crime
VMA20. The English Way of Death
NA4. The English Way of Death
107. Nightmare of Eden
CC1.4. The Beautiful People
108. The Horns of Nimon
DD4. Babblesphere
109. Shada
TS. Punting
PDA35. Festival of Death
LS6.2. The Doomsday Contract
FDA5.1. Wave of Destruction
FDA5.2. The Labyrinth of Buda Castle
FDA5.3-4. The Paradox Planet/The Legacy of Death
FDA5.5. Gallery of Ghouls
FDA5.6. The Trouble with Drax
FDA5.7-8. The Pursuit of History/Casualties of Time
PDA82. Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen
CC4.4. The Pyralis Effect
VMA33. The Well-Mannered War
NA5. The Well-Mannered War
BBC. The Winged Coven
LT6. Collision Course
DWM1-8. Doctor Who and the Iron Legion
CDA1.1. Doctor Who and the Iron Legion
DWM9-16. Doctor Who and the City of the Damned
DWM17-8. Timeslip
DWM19-26. Doctor Who and the Star Beast
CDA1.2. Doctor Who and the Star Beast
DWM27-34. Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom
DWM35-8. Doctor Who and the Time Witch
DWM39-45. Dragon's Claw
DWM46. The Collector
DWM47-8. Dreamers of Death
DWM49-50. The Life Bringer
DWM51. War of the Words
DWM52. Spider-God
DWM53. The Deal
DWM54-5. End of the Line
DWM56-7. The Freefall Warriors
DWM58-9. Junkyard Demon
DWM60. The Neutron Knights
STR7. Waiting for Gadot
CC8.7. Luna Romana
FDA6.1. The Beast of Kravenos
FDA6.2. The Eternal Battle
FDA6.3. The Silent Scream
FDA6.4. Dethras
FDA6.5. The Haunting of Malkin Place
FDA6.6. Subterranea
FDA6.7. The Movellan Grave
110. The Leisure Hive
FDA6.8-9. The Skin of the Sleek/The Thief Who Stole Time
111. Meglos
112. Full Circle
113. State of Decay
FDA9.1. Purgatory 12
FDA9.2. Chase the Night
FDA9.3. The Planet of Witches
FDA9.4. The Invasion of E-Space
CC5.4. The Invasion of E-Space
ST6.9. A Full Life
114. Warriors' Gate
115. The Keeper of Traken
ST8.4. Erasure
116. Logopolis

The Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison

117. Castrovalva
BFS. Psychodrome
VMA29. Cold Fusion
NA11. Cold Fusion
ST7.11. The Ingenious Gentleman Adric of Alzarius
118. Four to Doomsday
119. Kinda
ST2. Sock Pig
120. The Visitation
TS. The Dark River
PDA26. Divided Loyalties
DDS. Smoke and Mirrors
MR221. The Star Men
MR222. The Contingency Club
MR223. Zaltys
MR234. Kingdom of Lies
MR235. Ghost Walk
MR236. Serpent in the Silver Mask
121. Black Orchid
CC3.6. The Darkening Eye
BFS. Iterations of I
STR1. The Toy
122. Earthshock
123. Time-Flight
PDA65. Empire of Death
MR269. Shadow of the Daleks 1
MR270. Shadow of the Daleks 2
MR91. Circular Time
MR93. Renaissance of the Daleks
BFB6. Return to the Web Planet
MR107. The Haunting of Thomas Brewster
CCS1. The Three Companions
MR110. The Boy That Time Forgot
MR113a. Time Reef
MR113b. A Perfect World
MR127. Castle of Fear
MR128. The Eternal Summer
MR129. Plague of the Daleks
MR142. Demons of the Red Lodge and Other Stories
MR168. 1001 Nights
MR178. 1963: Fanfare for the Common Men
MR185. Moonflesh
MR186. Tomb Ship
MR187. Masquerade
MR224a. Alien Heart
MR224b. Dalek Soul
ST9.10. The Second Oldest Question
ST10.7. Downward Spiral
124. Arc of Infinity
MR208. The Waters of Amsterdam
MR47. Omega
MR165. The Burning Prince
DRS3.1. The Lady in the Lake
DRS3.2. A Requiem for the Doctor
DRS3.3. My Dinner with Andrew
DRS3.4. The Furies
LT4. Relative Time
LS3.1. The Elite
PDA58. Fear of the Dark
LS3.2. Hexagora
LS3.3. The Children of Seth
VMA22. The Sands of Time
PDA13. Zeta Major
MR209. Aquitaine
MR210. The Peterloo Massacre
MR256. Tartarus
MR257a. Interstitial
MR257b. Feast of Fear
MR258a. Warzone
MR258b. Conversion
MR266. Time Apart
MR267a. Thin Time
MR267b. Madquake
ST4. The Lions of Trafalgar
ST8.11. The Mistpuddle Murders
125. Snakedance
VMA1. Goth Opera
126. Mawdryn Undead
ST6.1. Gardens of the Dead
127. Terminus
128. Enlightenment
DWM419. Freakshow
MR136. Cobwebs
MR137. The Whispering Forest
MR138. The Cradle of the Snake
MR146. Heroes of Sontar
MR147. Kiss of Death
MR148. Rat Trap
MR159. The Emerald Tiger
MR160. The Jupiter Conjunction
MR161. The Butcher of Brisbane
MR172. Eldrad Must Die!
MR173. The Lady of Mercia
MR174. Prisoners of Fate
MR195. Mistfall
MR196. Equilibrium
MR197. The Entropy Plague
129. The King's Demons
VMA4. The Crystal Bucephalus
MR247. Devil in the Mist
MR248a. Black Thursday
MR248b. Power Game
MR249. The Kamelion Empire
130. The Five Doctors
BFB10. The Five Companions
CC4.5. Ringpullworld
131. Warriors of the Deep
PDA20. Deep Blue
132. The Awakening
M211. And You Will Obey Me
PDA38. The King of Terror
DWM76-7. Lunar Lagoon
DWM78-83. 4-Dimensional Vistas
DWM84-7. The Moderator
DWM393. Cuddlesome
MR200. The Secret History
CDNM1.1. Fallen Angels
MR237. The Helliax Rift
CDNM2.2. Empire of the Racnoss
DWM215-7. The Lunar Strangers
LS5.1. Nightmare Country
133. Frontios
MR230. Time in Office
BFS. Excelis Dawns
134. Resurrection of the Daleks
VMA17. Lords of the Storm
MR274. The Blazing Hour
ST8.5. Trap for Fools
135. Planet of Fire
ST6.10. Rulebook
MR8. Red Dawn
PDA3. The Ultimate Treasure
DWM228-230. The Curse of the Scarab
ST10.10. The Meaning of Red
PDA43. Superior Beings
DEC1. Fascination
ST3. Wet Walls
MR95a. Exotron
MR95b. Urban Myths
MR24. The Eye of the Scorpion
MR38. The Church and the Crown
DWM326. No Place Like Home
MR41. Nekromanteia
TN14. Blood and Hope
MR56. The Axis of Insanity
MR59. The Roof of the World
MR69. Three's a Crowd
MR71. The Council of Nicaea
MR81. The Kingmaker
DWM367. The Veiled Leopard
MR87. The Gathering
MR99. Son of the Dragon
MR102a. The Mind's Eye
MR104. The Bride of Peladon
MR102b. Mission of the Viyrans
MR117. The Judgment of Isskar
MR118. The Destroyer of Delights
MR119. The Chaos Pool
PDA53. Warmonger
136. The Caves of Androzani

The Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker

137. The Twin Dilemma
138. Attack of the Cybermen
139. Vengeance on Varos
PDA31. Grave Matter
PDA67. Synthesapians
VMA30. Burning Heart
140. The Mark of the Rani
PDA21. Players
141. The Two Doctors
PDA59. Blue Box
MR48. Davros
BFB4. Cryptobiosis
142. Timelash
MR90. Year of the Pig
143. Revelation of the Daleks
TNLS1. The Nightmare Fair
LS1.1. The Nightmare Fair
DD6. Trouble in Paradise
TNLS2. The Ultimate Evil
LS5.2. The Ultimate Evil
TNLS3. Mission to Magnus
LS1.2. Mission to Magnus
LS1.3. Leviathan
BBCRADIO. Slipback
LS1.4. The Hollows of Time
VMA5. State of Change
LS1.5. Paradise 5
LS1.6. Point of Entry
LS1.7. The Song of Megaptera
LS1.8. The Macros
BBC. The Flight of the Sun God
LS3.4. The Guardians of Prophecy
LS3.5. Power Play
LS3.6. The First Sontarans
ST5.6. The Shadows of Serenity
DEC2. Timeshare
MR3. Whispers of Terror
PDA51. Palace of the Red Sun
MR35. ...ish
MR86. The Reaping
MR253. Memories of a Tyrant
MR254. Emissary of the Daleks
TN8. Shell Shock
MR246. The Hunting Ground
DWM88-9. The Shape Shifter
DWM90-4. Voyager
DWM95-7. Polly the Glot
DWM98-9. Once Upon a Time Lord...
DWM100-1. War-Game
DWM102-3. Funhouse
DWM104. Kane's Story
DWM105. Abel's Story
DWM106. The Warrior's Story
DWM107. Frobisher's Story
DWM108. Exodus
DWM109. Revelation!
DWM110. Genesis!
DWM111-3. Nature of the Beast
DWM114-6. Time Bomb
DWM117. Salad Daze
DWM118-9. Changes
DWM120-2. Profits of Doom!
DWM123-6. The Gift
DWM127-9. The World Shapers
ST6.2. Prime Winner
ST3. Murmurs of Earth
ST8.1. The Authentic Experience
ST9.5. Under Odin's Eye
ST4. To Cut a Blade of Grass
DWM227. ...Up Above the Gods...
MR150. Recorded Time and Other Stories
MR179. 1963: The Space Race
MR188. Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories
MR259. Blood on Santa's Claw and Other Stories
144. The Mysterious Planet
145. Mindwarp
DEC1. The Golden Door
LCJ2.1. Piece of Mind
ST2. The Doctor's Coat
DWM313. The Ratings War
BFS. Excelis Rising
BBC. Fortunes of War
BFB3. Her Final Flight
MR94a. I.D.
MR94b. Urgent Calls
M212. Vampire of the Mind
CC5.7. Peri and the Piscon Paradox
MR166. The Acheron Pulse
BFB12. Trial of the Valeyard
MR238. The Lure of the Nomad
MR239. Iron Bright
MR240. Hour of the Cybermen
MR6. The Marian Conspiracy
MR9. The Spectre of Lanyon-Moor
MR11. The Apocalypse Element
MR22. Bloodtide
MR23. Project: Twilight
BFB1. Real Time
MR37. The Sandman
MR40. Jubilee
MR43. Doctor Who and the Pirates or The Lass That Lost a Sailor
MR45. Project: Lazarus
MR57. Arrangements for War
MR60. Medicinal Purposes
CC5.5. A Town Called Fortune
MR78. Pier Pressure
MR84. The Nowhere Place
MR100. 100
MR108. Assassin in the Limelight
PDA12. Mission: Impractical
MR14. The Holy Terror
MR33.5. The Maltese Penguin
PDA41. The Shadow in the Glass
DWMS. The Age of Chaos
DORS2.3. World Enough and Time
MR199. Last of the Cybermen
CDNM1.2. Judoon in Chains
MR143. The Curse of Thomas Brewster
MR144. The Feast of Axos
MR145. Industrial Evolution
MR169. The Wrong Doctors
MR105. The Condemned
MR111. The Doomwood Curse
MR114. Brotherhood of the Daleks
LT5. The Avenues of Possibility
BFS. The Red House
BFB7. Return of the Krotons
MR116. The Raincloud Man
MR124. Patient Zero
MR125. Paper Curs
MR126. Blue Forgotten Planet
MR133. City of Spires
CC4.11. Night's Black Angels
MR134. The Wreck of the Titan
MR135. Legend of the Cybermen
MR156. The Curse of Davros
MR157. The Fourth Wall
MR158. Wirrn Isle
BFS. Stage Fright
MR225a. Vortex Ice
MR225b. Cortex Fire
MR182. Antidote to Oblivion
MR183. The Brood of Erys
MR184. Scavanger
MR192. The Widow's Assassin
MR193. Masters of Earth
MR194. The Rani Elite
6P1.1. The Headless Ones
6P1.2. Like
6P1.3. The Vanity Trap
6P1.4. Conflict Theory
JL11.4. Masterpiece
SP1. The Ultimate Adventure
CC6.6. Beyond the Ultimate Adventure
MR255. Harry Houdini's War
CDNM2.3. The Carrionite Curse
MR204. Criss-Cross
MR205. Planet of the Rani
MR206. Shield of the Jotunn
BFS. The End of the Line
MR218. Order of the Daleks
ST8.7. The Darkened Earth
MR273. Colony of Fear
MR219. Absolute Power
MR220. Quicksilver
MR231. The Behemoth
MR232. The Middle
MR233. Static
MR263. Cry of the Vultriss
MR264. Scorched Earth
MR265. The Lovecraft Invasion
ST1. The Wings of a Butterfly
JL14. Jago & Litefoot Forever
PDA4. Business Unusual
DEC3. Fegovy
STR8. Intuition
MR27. The One Doctor
MR65. The Juggernauts
MR68. Catch-1782
MR73. Thicker than Water
MR97a. The Wishing Beast
MR97b. The Vanity Box
MR170. Spaceport Fear
ST8.2. Mel-evolent
SST. Loud and Proud
VMA15. Millennial Rites
PDA38. The Quantum Archangel
PDA48. Instruments of Darkness
MR171. The Seeds of War
PDAC. Time's Champion
PDA72. Spiral Scratch
BFS. The Brink of Death

The Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy

148. Time and the Rani
MR70. Unregenerate!
149. Paradise Towers
MR39. Bang-Bang-A-Boom!
MR46. Flip-Flop
MR201. We Are the Daleks
MR202. The Warehouse
MR203. Terror of the Sontarans
150. Delta and the Bannermen
ST8.12. The Devil's Footprints
MR12. The Fires of Vulcan
MR85. Red
151. Dragonfire
TS. The Slyther of Shoreditch
152. Remembrance of the Daleks
153. The Happiness Patrol
154. Silver Nemesis
155. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
MR180. 1963: The Assassination Games
ST5.7. Dark Convoy
ST9.3. Doctors and Dragons
TITAN. Hill of Beans
DD7. Shockwave
DWM130-3. A Cold Day in Hell!
DWM134. Redemption!
DWM135. The Crossroads of Time
DWM136-8. Claws of the Klathi!
DWM139. Culture Shock!
DWM140. Keepsake
DWM141-2. Planet of the Dead
DWM143-4. Echoes of the Mogor!
DWM145-6. Time and Tide
DWM147. Follow that TARDIS!
DWM148-50. Invaders from Gantac!
DH8. Time Bomb!
DWM151. The Infinity Season
DWM152-5. Nemesis of the Daleks
COMIC. The Incredible Hulk Presents 1-12
DWM156. Stairway to Heaven
MR198. The Defectors
CDNM1.3. Harvest of the Sycorax
DWM159-61. Train-Flight
DWM162. Doctor Conkeror!
ST3. The Riparian Ripper
156. Battlefield
157. Ghost Light
PDA49. Relative Dementias
158. The Curse of Fenric
PDA10. The Hollow Men
159. Survival
TN2. Citadel of Dreams
ST4. The Shadow Trader
SST. Crystal Ball
SST. The Shrine of Sorrows
LT2. The Split Infinitive
PDA36. Independence Day
LS2.3. Thin Ice
LS2.4. Crime of the Century
LS2.5. Animal
LS2.6. Earth Aid
ST2. Critical Mass
PDA5. Illegal Alien
PDA16. Matrix
PDA23. Storm Harvest
PDA33. Prime Time
PDA57. Heritage
PDA60. Loving the Alien
MR272. The Grey Man of the Mountain
DWM164-6. Fellow Travellers
DWM167-72. Darkness, Falling/Distractions/The Mark of Mandragora
DWM173. Party Animals
DWM174. The Chameleon Factor
DWM175-8. The Good Soldier
PDA76. Atom Bomb Blues
PDA68. The Algebra of Ice
ST6.3. Washington Burns
TITAN. Operation Volcano
VNA1. Timewyrm: Genesys
VNA2. Timewyrm: Exodus
VNA3. Timewyrm: Apocalypse
VNA4. Timewyrm: Revelation
DWM179. A Glitch in Time
DWM185-7. The Grief
ST6.S. Forever Fallen
VNA5. Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible
DWM188-90. Ravens
VNA6. Cat's Cradle: Warhead
VNA7. Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark
VNA8. Nightshade
NA9. Nightshade
DWM191. Memorial
DWM192. Cat Litter
ST1. Police and Shreeves
MR5. The Fearmonger
MR7. The Genocide Machine
MR21. Dust Breeding
MR25. Colditz
MR36. The Rapture
VNA9. Love and War
NA1. Love and War
DWM193-6. Pureblood
VNA10. Transit
VNA11. The Highest Science
NA2. The Highest Science
VNA12. The Pit
DWM197-202. Emperor of the Daleks!
DEC2. The Trials of Tara
CC4.6. Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code
VNA37. Sanctuary
VNA38. Human Nature
ST6.12. The Hesitation Deviation
VNA39. Original Sin
NA10. Original Sin
VNA40. Sky Pirates!
VNA41. Zamper
VNA42. Toy Soldiers
VNA43. Head Games
VNA44. The Also People
VNA45. Shakedown
VNA46. Just War
VNA47. Warchild
VNA49. Death and Diplomacy
VNA50. Happy Endings
VNA51. GodEngine
7NA1.1. The Trial of a Time Machine
7NA1.2. Vanguard
7NA1.3. The Jabari Countdown
7NA1.4. The Dread of Night
VNA52. Christmas on a Rational Planet
VNA53. Return of the Living Dad
VNA54. The Death of Art
VNA55. Damaged Goods
NA6. Damaged Goods
VNA56. So Vile a Sin
VNA57. Bad Therapy
VNA58. Eternity Weeps
VNA59. The Room With No Doors
VNA60. Lungbarrow
DRS2.1. The Unknown
DRS2.4. The Eye of the Storm
CC3.8. The Prisoner's Dilemma
MR58. The Harvest
MR67. Dreamtime
MR74. LIVE 34
MR226a. Shadow Planet
MR226b. World Apart
MR79. Night Thoughts
MR82. The Settling
MR89. No Man's Land
MR92. Nocturne
MR106. The Dark Husband
MR245. Muse of Fire
MR115. Forty-Five
MR120. The Magic Mousetrap
MR121. Enemy of the Daleks
MR122. The Angel of Scutari
MR139. Project: Destiny
MR140. A Death in the Family
MR141. Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge
MR149. Robophobia
MR151. The Doomsday Quatrain
MR152. House of Blue Fire
CC7.3. Project: Nirvana
MR162. Protect and Survive
MR163. Black and White
MR164. Gods and Monsters
MR181. Afterlife
MR189. Revenge of the Swarm
MR190. Mask of Tragedy
MR191. Signs and Wonders
MR207. You Are the Doctor and Other Stories
MR214. A Life of Crime
MR215. Fiesta of the Damned
MR216. Maker of Demons
MR227. The High Price of Parking
MR228. The Blood Furnace
MR229. The Silurian Candidate
MR241. Red Planets
MR242. The Dispossessed
MR243. The Quantum Possibility Engine
BFS. Excelis Decays
MR96. Valhalla
MR98. Frozen Time
MR109a. The Death Collectors
MR109b. Spider's Shadow
MR112a. Kingdom of Silver
MR112b. Keepsake
MR130. A Thousand Tiny Wings
MR131. Survival of the Fittest
MR132. The Architects of History
MR167. The Shadow Heart
BFB5. Return of the Daleks
DWM238-242. Ground Zero
MR261. The Psychic Circus
MR250. The Monsters of Gokroth
MR251. The Moons of Vulpana
MR252. An Alien Werewolf in London
PDA45. Bullet Time
BFS. UNIT Dominion
NABS1.1. The Revolution
NABS1.2. Good Night, Sweet Ladies
NABS1.3. Random Ghosts
NABS1.4. The Lights of Skaro
NABS2.1. The Pyramid of Sutekh
NABS2.2. The Vaults of Osiris
NABS2.3. The Eye of Horus
NABS2.4. The Teas of Isis
STR9. Twilight's End
SST. The Night Before Christmas
MR175. Persuasion
MR176. Starlight Robbery
MR177. Daleks Among Us
M213. The Two Masters
MR244. Warlock's Cross
MR262. Subterfuge
TN13. Companion Piece
MR1. The Sirens of Time
MR45. Project: Lazarus
MR49. Master
MR260. Dark Universe

The Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann

160. The TV Movie
EDA1. The Eight Doctors
VNA61. The Dying Days
RT1. Dreadnought
RT2. Descendance
RT3. Ascendance
RT4. Perceptions
RT5. Coda
TN6. Rip Tide
MR123a. Benny's Story
EDA2. Vampire Science
EDA3. The Bodysnatchers
EDA4. Genocide
EDA5. War of the Daleks
EDA6. Alien Bodies
EDA7. Kursaal
EDA8. Option Lock
EDA9. Longest Day
EDA10. Legacy of the Daleks
EDA11. Dreamstone Moon
EDA12. Seeing I
EDA13. Placebo Effect
EDA14. Vanderdeken's Children
EDA15. The Scarlet Empress
EDA16. The Janus Conjunction
EDA17. Beltempest
EDA18. The Face-Eater
EDA19. The Taint
EDA20. Demontage
EDA21. Revolution Man
EDA22. Dominion
EDA23. Unnatural History
EDA24. Autumn Mist
EDA25. Interference Book One
EDA26. Interference Book Two
ST8.3. The Turn of the Screw
CC8.11. The Elixir of Doom
TN12. The Eye of the Tiger
DWM244-7. Endgame
DWM248-9. The Keep
DWM250. A Life of Matter and Death
DWM251-5. Fire and Brimstone
DWM256. By Hook or By Crook
MR123b. Izzy's Story
DWM257-60. Tooth and Claw
DWM262-5. The Final Chapter
DWM266-71. Wormwood
DWM272. Happy Deathday
DWM273-6. The Fallen
DWM278-82. The Road to Hell
DWM283. TV Action!
DWM284-6. The Company of Thieves
DWM287-96. The Glorious Dead
DWM297-9. The Autonomy Bug
DWM300-3. Ophidius
DWM304. Beautiful Freak
DWM306-11. The Way of All Flesh
DWM312-7. Children of the Revolution
DWM318-22. Me and My Shadow/Uroborus
DWM323-8. Oblivion
DWM329. Where Nobody Knows Your Name
DWM330-2. Doctor Who and the Nightmare Game
DWM333. The Power of Thoueris!
BFB2. Shada
MR153. The Silver Turk
MR154. The Witch from the Well
MR155. Army of Death
MR16. Storm Warning
MR17. Sword of Orion
BFS. The Light at the End
ST2. Letting Go
MR18. The Stones of Venice
MR19. Minuet in Hell
ST6.11. The Man Who Wasn't There
DD8. Enemy Aliens
MR28. Invaders from Mars
MR29. The Chimes of Midnight
MR30. Seasons of Fear
MR31. Embrace the Darkness
CC4.12. Solitaire
DWM337. Living Legend
ST9.11. Hall of the Ten Thousand
MR275. The End of the Beginning
MR32. The Time of the Daleks
ST5.8. Foreshadowing
MR33. Neverland
MR50. Zagreus
MR52. Scherzo
MR53. The Creed of the Kromon
MR54. The Natural History of Fear
MR55. The Twilight Kingdom
MR61. Faith Stealer
MR62. The Last
MR63. Caerdroia
MR64. The Next Life
MR72. Terror Firma
MR75. Scaredy Cat
MR77. Other Lives
MR80. Time Works
MR83. Something Inside
MR88. Memory Lane
MR101. Absolution
MR103. The Girl Who Never Was
DWM334-6. The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack
DWM337. The Land of Happy Endings
EDA27. The Blue Angel
EDA28. The Taking of Planet 5
EDA29. Frontier Worlds
EDA30. Parallel 59
EDA31. The Shadows of Avalon
EDA32. The Fall of Yquitine
EDA33. Coldheart
EDA34. The Space Age
EDA35. The Banquo Legacy
EDA36. The Ancestor Cell
EDA37. The Burning
EDA38. Casualties of War
EDA39. The Turing Test
EDA40. Endgame
EDA41. Father Time
EDA42. Escape Velocity
EDA43. Earthworld
PDA73. Fear Itself
EDA44. Vanishing Point
EDA45. Eater of Wasps
EDA46. The Year of Intelligent Tigers
MR123c. Fitz's Story
EDA47. The Slow Empire
EDA48. Dark Progeny
EDA49. The City of the Dead
EDA50. Grimm Reality
EDA51. The Adventuress of Henrietta Street
EDA52. Mad Dogs and Englishmen
EDA53. Hope
EDA54. Anachrophobia
EDA55. Trading Futures
EDA56. The Book of the Still
EDA57. The Crooked World
EDA58. History 101
EDA59. Camera Obscura
EDA60. Time Zero
EDA61. The Infinity Race
EDA62. The Domino Effect
EDA63. Reckless Engineering
EDA64. The Last Resort
EDA65. Timeless
EDA66. Emotional Chemistry
EDA67. Sometime Never...
EDA68. Halflife
TS. We Can't Stop What's Coming
EDA69. The Tomorrow Windows
EDA70. The Sleep of Reason
EDA71. The Deadstone Memorial
EDA72. To the Slaughter
EDA73. The Gallifrey Chronicles
TN10. Fallen Gods
DWM338-42. Bad Blood
DWM343-5. Sins of the Father
DWM346-53. The Flood
ST4. Quantum Heresy
NEDA1.1-2. Blood of the Daleks
NEDA1.3. Horror of Glam Rock
NEDA1.4. Immortal Beloved
NEDA1.5. Phobos
NEDA1.6. No More Lies
NEDA1.7-8. Human Resources
FALM1.1. The Dalek Trap
FALM1.2. The Revolution Game
FALM1.3. The House on the Edge of Chaos
FALM1.4. Island of the Fendahl
NEDA2.1. Dead London
NEDA2.2. Max Warp
NEDA2.3. Brave New Town
NEDA2.4. The Skull of Sobek
ST7.7. Flashpoint
NEDA2.5. Grand Theft Cosmos
NEDA2.6. The Zygon Who Fell to Earth
NEDA2.7-8. Sisters of the Flame/The Vengeance of Morbius
NEDA3.1. Orbis
NEDA3.2. Hothouse
NEDA3.3. The Beast of Orlok
NEDA3.4. Wirrn Dawn
NEDA3.5. The Scapegoat
NEDA3.6. The Cannibalists
ST6.4. The Curse of the Fugue
ST3. All the Fun of the Fair
NEDA3.7-8. The Eight Truths/Worldwide Web
NEDA4.1. Death in Blackpool
BFB8. An Earthly Child
ST1. Running Out of Time
NEDA4.2. Situation Vacant
NEDA4.3. Nevermore
NEDA4.4. The Book of Kells
NEDA4.5-6. Deimos/The Resurrection of Mars
NEDA4.7. Relative Dimensions
BFB9. The Four Doctors
NEDA4.8. Prisoners of the Sun
NEDA4.9-10. Lucie Miller/To the Death
DE1.1. The Great War
DE1.2. Fugitives
DE1.3. Tangled Web
DE1.4. X and the Daleks
DE2.1. The Traitor
DE2.2. The White Room
DE2.3. Time's Horizon
DE2.4. Eyes of the Master
ST7.1. The World Beyond the Trees
DE3.1. The Death of Hope
DE3.2. The Reviled
DE3.3. Masterplan
DE3.4. Rule of the Eminence
DE4.1. A Life in the Day
DE4.2. The Monster of Montmartre
DE4.3. Master of the Daleks
DE4.4. Eye of Darkness
DC1.1. The Eleven
DC1.2. The Red Lady
DC1.3. The Galileo Trap
DC1.4. The Satanic Mill
DC2.1. Beachhead
DC2.2. Scenes from Her Life
DC2.3. The Gift
DC2.4. The Sonomancer
DC3.1. Absent Friends
DC3.2. The Eighth Piece
DC3.3. The Doomsday Chronometer
DC3.4. The Crucible of Souls
DC4.1. Ship in a Bottle
DC4.2. Songs of Love
DC4.3. The Side of the Angels
DC4.4. Stop the Clock
R1.1. Their Finest Hour
R1.2. How to Make a Killing in Time Travel
R1.3. World of Damnation
R1.4. Sweet Salvation
R2.1. Escape from Kaldor
R2.2. Better Watch Out
R2.3. Fairytale of Salzburg
R2.4. Seizure
R3.1. Deeptime Frontier
R3.2. Companion Piece
R3.3. L.E.G.E.N.D.
R3.4. The Odds Against
R4.1. Whisper
R4.2. Planet of Dust
R4.3-4. Day of the Master
S1.1. Lost Property
S1.2. Wild Animals
S1.3. Must See TV
S1.4. Divine Intervention
S2.1. Dead Time
S2.2. UNIT Dating
S2.3. Baker Street Irregulars
S2.4. The Long Way Round
TMS1. The Pictures of Josephine Day
TMS2. Music of the Spherions
TMS3. The Silvering
TMS4. Briarwood
TMS5. A Matter of Life and Death
BFTLV1.1. He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not
MR123d. Mary's Story
DRS1.4. The Rulers of the Universe
ST7.9. A Heart on Both Sides
WM5.1. The Edge of Redemption
WM5.2. The Scaramancer
WM5.3. The Castle of Kurnos 5
WM5.4. The Cognition Shift
WM3.3. The Missing Link
WM3.4. Darkness and Light
STR2. Museum Peace
CDNM1.4. The Sontaran Ordeal
CDNM2.4. Day of the Vashta Nerada
TW1.1. The Starship of Theseus
TW1.2. Echoes of War
TW1.3. The Conscript
TW1.4. One Life
TW2.1. The Lords of Terror
TW2.2. Planet of the Ogrons
TW2.3. In the Garden of Death
TW2.4. Jonah
TW3.1. State of Bliss
TW3.2. The Famished Lands
TW3.3. Fugitive in Time
TW3.4. The War Valeyard
TW4.1-2. Palindrome
TW4.3. Dreadshade
TW4.4. Restoration of the Daleks
ST7.10. All Hands on Deck
SW1.4. The Shoreditch Intervention
LT1. Lies in Ruin
SPECIAL: The Night of the Doctor

The War Doctor - John Hurt

TN15. The Dalek Factor
WDB1.1. Light the Flame
WDB1.2. Lion Hearts
WDB1.3. The Shadow Squad
WD1.1. The Innocent
WD1.2. The Thousand Worlds
WD1.3. The Heart of the Battle
WD2.1. Legion of the Lost
WD2.2. A Thing of Guile
WD2.3. The Neverwhen
WD3.1. The Shadow Vortex
WD3.2. The Eternity Cage
WD3.3. Eye of Harmony
WD4.1. Pretty Lies
WD4.2. The Lady of Obsidion
WD4.3. The Enigma Dimension
PDA79. Engines of War

The Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccelston

ST9.7. Battle Scars
9DC1.1. The Bleeding Heart
CY1.1. The Oncoming Storm
ST10.9. Her Own Bootstraps
CY2.3. I was Churchill's Double
TN. The Albino's Dancer
CY2.2. Human Conflict
NDA1.1. Sphere of Freedom
NDA1.2. Cataclysm
NDA1.3. Food Fight
161. Rose
TS. Grounded
162. The End of the World
163. The Unquiet Dead
164. Aliens of London/World War Three
DWM355-7. The Love Invasion
9DC1.2. The Window on the Moor
NSA1. The Clockwise Man
NSA2. The Monsters Inside
NSA3. Winner Takes All
165. Dalek
9DC1.3. The Other Side
166. The Long Game
DWM358. Art Attack
DWM359-62. The Cruel Sea
167. Father's Day
9DC1.4. Retail Therapy
DWM363-4. A Groatsworth of Wit
DWM556-. Monstrous Beauty
168. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
TMS. Weapons of Past Destruction
NSA4. The Deviant Strain
DD9. Night of the Whisper
TFCBD16. Hacked
TCN1-3. Doctormania
TCN4-5. The Transformed
TCN6-8. Official Secrets
TCN9-10. Slaver's Song
TCN11-12. Sin-Eaters
TCN13. Secret Agent Man
TCN14-15. The Bidding War
NSA5. Only Human
169. Boom Town
NSA6. The Stealers of Dreams
170. Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways

The Tenth Doctor - David Tennant

171. The Christmas Invasion
DWM365-7. The Betrothal of Sontar
DWM368. The Lodger
172. New Earth
173. Tooth and Claw
NSA7. The Stone Rose
NSA8. The Feast of the Drowned
NSA9. The Resurrection Casket
DWM369-71. F.A.Q.
174. School Reunion
175. The Girl in the Fireplace
DWM377. The Green-Eyed Monster
176. Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel
177. The Idiot's Lantern
TDA2.1. Infamy of the Zaross
TDA2.2. The Sword of the Chevalier
TDA2.3. Cold Vengeance
178. The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
TDC1.1. The Taste of Death
NSA10. The Nightmare of Black Island
NSA11. The Art of Destruction
NSA12. The Price of Paradise
179. Love & Monsters
DWM372-4. The Futurists
DWM375-6. Interstellar Overdrive
180. Fear Her
181. Army of Ghosts/Doomsday
182. The Runaway Bride
DWM378-80. The Warkeeper's Crown
183. Smith and Jones
184. The Shakespeare Code
185. Gridlock
TDC1.2. Backtrack
186. Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks
187. The Lazarus Experiment
DWM381-4. The Woman Who Sold the World
ANIMATION. The Infinite Quest
188. 42
NSA13. Sting of the Zygons
NSA14. The Last Dodo
NSA15. Wooden Heart
NSA16. Forever Autumn
NSA17. Sick Building
189. Human Nature/The Family of Blood
DWM385. Bus Stop!
NSA18. Wetworld
DWM386-9. The First
NSA19. Wishing Well
NSA20. The Pirate Loop
NSA21. Peacemaker
190. Blink
DWM391-3. Universal Monsters
NSA22. Martha in the Mirror
NSA23. SnowGlobe 7
NSA24. The Many Hands
191. Utopia/The Sound of Drums
NSA28. The Story of Martha
191. The Last of the Time Lords
192. Voyage of the Damned
CY1.2. Hounded
193. Partners in Crime
194. The Fires of Pompeii
195. Planet of the Ood
196. The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky
197. The Doctor's Daughter
NSA25. Ghosts of India
NSA26. The Doctor Trap
NSA27. Shining Darkness
198. The Unicorn and the Wasp
DWM395-8. The Widow's Curse
TDA1.1. Technophobia
TDA1.2. Time Reaver
TDA1.3. Death and the Queen
DD10. Death's Deal
TDA3.1. No Place
TDA3.2. One Mile Down
TDA3.3. The Creeping Death
199. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
DNK1. Out of This World
DNK2. Spinvasion
DNK3. The Sorceror of Albion
DNK4. The Chiswick Cuckoos
NSA29. Beautiful Chaos
200. Midnight
NSA. In the Blood
201. Turn Left
202. The Stolen Earth/Journey's End
DWM399. The Time of My Life
IDW. The Forgotten
NSA30. The Eyeless
203. The Next Doctor
DU1.1. Buying Time
DU1.2. The Wrong Woman
DU1.3. The House of Kingdom
DU2.1. Cycle of Destruction
DU2.2. The Trojan Dalek
DU2.3. The Lost
DU3.1. The First Son
DU3.2. The Dalek Defence
DU3.3. The Triumph of Davros
TCT1-3. Revolutions of Terror
TCT4-5. The Arts in Space
TCT6-9. The Weeping Angels of Mons
TCT10. Echo
TCT11-15. The Fountains of Forever/Spiral Staircase/Sins of the Father
TCT2.1-2. The Singer Not the Song
TCT2.3. Cindy, Cleo, and the Magic Sketchbook
TCT2.4-5. Medicine Man
TCT2.6-7. Arena of Fear
TCT2.8-9. The Wishing Well Witch
TCT2.10. The Infinite Corridor
TCT2.11-12. The Jazz Monster/Music Man
TCT3.5. Revolving Doors
TCT2.13-17. Old Girl
TCT3.1-2. Breakfast at Tyranny's
TCT3.3-4. Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
TCT2.6-8,10. Vortex Butterflies
TCT3.11-14. The Good Companion
JDD1.4. Zero Space
TNE1.3. The Skies of New Earth
CY2.4. Churchill Victorious
NSA31. Judgement of the Judoon
NSA32. The Slitheen Excursion
NSA33. Prisoner of the Daleks
204. Planet of the Dead
TNE1.4. The Cats of New Cairo
NSA34. The Taking of Chelsea 426
DWM400-2. Thinktiwce
DWM403-5. The Stockbridge Child
DWM406-7. Mortal Beloved
DWM408-11. The Age of Ice
DWM412. The Deep Hereafter
DWM413. Onomatopoeia
DWM414-5. Ghosts of the Northern Line
DWM416-20. The Crimson Hand
NSA35. Autonomy
NSA36. The Krillitane Storm
205. The Waters of Mars
NSA. The Knight, The Fool, and the Dead
OOT1. Out of Time 1
ANIMATION. Dreamland
TLV5. Echoes of Extinction
OOT2. The Gates of Hell
10DC1.4. Last Chance
206. The End of Time

The Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith

207. The Eleventh Hour
208. The Beast Below
209. Victory of the Daleks
NSA37. Apollo 23
NSA38. Night of the Humans
NSA39. The Forgotten Army
210. The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone
211. The Vampires of Venice
NSA40. Nuclear Time
NSA41. The King's Dragon
212. Amy's Choice
NSA42. The Glamour Chase
213. The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood
DWM421-3. Supernature
DWM424. Planet Bollywood!
11DC1.1. The Calendar Man
214. Vincent and the Doctor
DWM425-8. The Golden Ones
DWM430-1. The Screams of Death
DWM432. Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night
DWM433-4. Forever Dreaming
DWM435-7. Apotheosis
DWM438-41. The Child of Time
215. The Lodger
NSAS1. The Coming of the Terraphiles
216. The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang
217. A Christmas Carol
CY1.3. Living History
11DC1.2. The Top of the Tree
NSA48. Borrowed Time
NSA47. Paradox Lost
NSA43. Dead of Winter
NSA44. The Way Through the Woods
NSA46. Touched by an Angel
NSA45. Hunter's Moon
11DC1.3. The Light Keepers
T111. After Life
T112. The Friendly Place
T113. What He Wants...
T114-5. Whodunnit?/The Sound of Our Voices
T116. Space in Dimension Relative and Time
T117-8. The Eternal Dogfight/The Infinite Astronaut
T119-10. The Rise and Fall/The Other Doctor
T1111. Four Dimensions
T1112-13. Conversion
T1114-15. The Comfort of the Good
T112.1-2. The Then and the Now
T112.3-4. Pull to Open/Outrun
T112.5-7. The Judas Goatee/The One
T112.8-10. Downtime/Running to Stay Still
T112.11-15. The Organ Grinder/Kill God/Fast Asleep/Gently Pulls the String/Physician, Heal Thyself
T113.7. Something Borrowed
T113.1-2. Remembrance/The Scream
T113.3-4. The Tragical History Tour
T113.5. Time of the Ood
T113.6. The Memory Feast
T113.8. Fooled
T113.9/11. Strange Loops
T113.12-13. Hungry Thirsty Roots
218. The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon
219. The Curse of the Black Spot
220. The Doctor's Wife
221. The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People
222. A Good Man Goes to War
223. Let's Kill Hitler
224. Night Terrors
225. The Girl Who Waited
NSAS2. The Silent Stars Go By
DWM442-5. The Chains of Olympus
DWM446-7. Sticks & Stones
DWM448-50. The Cornucopia Caper
DWM451-4. The Broken Man
226. The God Complex
ST7.3-4. The Jago & Litefoot Revival
227. Closing Time
228. The Wedding of River Song
NSAS3. Dark Horizons
229. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
230. Asylum of the Daleks
231. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
232. A Town Called Mercy
233. The Power of Three
234. The Angels Take Manhattan
DD11. The Time Machine
NSA49. Plague of the Cybermen
ST10.1. The Infinite Today
CY1.4. The Chartwell Metamorphosis
NSA50. The Dalek Generation
235. The Snowmen
236. The Bells of St. John
237. The Rings of Akhaten
DWM462-4. A Wing and a Prayer
238. Cold War
NSA51. Shroud of Sorrow
239. Hide
240. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
241. The Crimson Horror
242. Nightmare in Silver
DWM465-6. Welcome to Tickle Town
243. The Name of the Doctor
244. The Day of the Doctor
DWM468-9. Pay the Piper
DWM470-4. The Blood of Azrael
245. The Time of the Doctor

The Twelfth Doctor - Peter Capaldi

246. Deep Breath
247. Into the Dalek
NSA53. Silhouette
248. Robot of Sherwood
NSA54. The Crawling Terror
NSA52. The Blood Cell
12DC1.1. The Charge of the Night Brigade
249. Listen
250. Time Heist
ST9.X. The Best-Laid Plans
DWM477-80. The Eye of Torment
251. The Caretaker
T121-2. Terrorformer
T123-5. The Swords of Kali
252. Kill the Moon
253. Mummy on the Orient Express
12DC1.2. War Wounds
254. Flatline
DWM481-3. The Instruments of War
T126-8. The Fractures
T129-10. Gangland
255. In the Forest of the Night
TS. Four Doctors
AUDIO. The Gods of Winter
256. Dark Water/Death in Heaven
257. Last Christmas
NSA55. Royal Blood
DWM484. Space Invaders!
DWM485-88. Blood and Ice
NSA56. Big Bang Generation
T1211. Unearthly Things
T1212-15. The Hyperion Empire
AUDIO. The House of Winter
NSA57. Deep Time
258. The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar
259. Under the Lake/Before the Flood
260. The Girl Who Died
DWM492-3. The Highgate Horror
AUDIO. The Sins of Winter
12DC1.3. Distant Voices
261. The Woman Who Lived
DWM494-5. The Dragon Lord
262. The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion
263. Sleep No More
T1216. Relative Dimensions
T122.1-4. Clara Oswald and the School of Death
T122.5. The Fourth Wall
DWM496. Theatre of the Mind
AUDIO. The Memory of Winter
DWM497-9. Witch Hunt
264. Face the Raven/Heaven Sent/Hell Bent
12DC1.4. Field Trip
ST9.2. The Astrea Conspiracy
DWM500. The Stockbridge Showdown
DWM501-3. The Pestilent Heart
DWM504. Moving In
DWM505-6. Bloodsport
DWM507. Be Forgot
DWM508-11. Doorway to Hell
TS. Supremacy of the Cybermen
T122.6-8. The Twist
T122.9-10. Playing House
T122.11-13. Terror of the Cabinet Noir
ST9.X. The Best-Laid Plans
T122.14-15. Invasion of the Mindmorphs
T123.2. The Boy with the Displaced Smile
BBC. The Lost Angel
BBC. The Lost Planet
BBC. The Lost Magic
BBC. The Lost Flame
T123.1/3.3-4. Beneath the Waves
BBC. Death Among the Stars
BBC. Rhythm of Destruction
265. The Husbands of River Song
266. The Return of Doctor Mysterio
ST9.9. Dead Media
TS. Ghost Stories
ST10.5. Regeneration Impossible
267. The Pilot
268. Smile
269. Thin Ice
NSA58. The Shining Man
NSA59. Diamond Dogs
270. Knock, Knock
271. Oxygen
272. Extremis/The Pyramid at the End of the World/The Lie of the Land
NSA60. Plague City
273. The Empress of Mars
274. The Eaters of Light
T123.5-7. The Wolves of Winter
TS. The Lost Dimension
T123.9. The Great Shopping Bill
TS. Pain Management
T123.10-13. A Confusion of Angels
275. World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls
276. Twice Upon a Time

The Thirteenth Doctor - Jodie Whitaker

277. The Woman Who Fell to Earth
278. The Ghost Monument
T131.1-1.4. A New Beginning
279. Rosa
DWM531-534. The Warmonger
280. Arachnids in the U.K.
281. The Tsuranga Conundrum
NSA61. The Good Doctor
TS. Letters from the Front
282. Demons of the Punjab
283. Kerblam!
284. The Witchfinderes
TS. Gatecrashers
285. It Takes You Away
NSA62. Molten Heart
NSA63. Combat Magicks
TS. Citation Needed
286. The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos
NSAS. The Secret in Vault 13
287. Resolution
T131.5-1.8. Hidden Human History
T131.9-1.12. Old Friends
DWM535-9. Herald of Madness
DWM540-2. The Power of the Mobox
DWM543-8. Mistress of Chaos
T13MS. Time Out of Mind
288. Spyfall
289. Orphan 55
290. Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror
T132.1-2.4. A Little Help from My Friends
TDW1-. Alternating Current
291. Fugitive of the Judoon
292. Praexeus
NSAS. At Childhood's End
DWM549-52. The Piggybackers
DWM559-. The White Dragon
293. Can You Hear Me?
294. The Haunting of Villa Diodati
295. Ascension of the Cybermen/The Timeless Children
296. Revolution of the Daleks
NSA. The Wonderful Doctor of Oz
OME. The Shadow in the Mirror
297. TBA
298. TBA
299. TBA
300. TBA
301. TBA
302. TBA
303. TBA
304. TBA
305. TBA

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