Sunday, January 17, 2016

January Update #1: Upcoming Schedule

So for the last two months I have been able to make it through nineteen Virgin New Adventures, two Novel Adaptations and the 2015 Christmas Special.  While I am happy with the output I am currently putting out, I'd like it to be a bit more varied in terms of medium.  The reviews of the novels will remain my main focus, but after reading the last episode ranking done by Doctor Who Magazine I'd like to take a look at the top and bottom stories, give them a viewing and review them.  Those reviews will alternate one of the quote on quote worst stories followed by one of the quote on quote best stories.  There will be a total of fifty reviews, with twenty-five being the worst stories and the other twenty-five being the best stories.  The only one on that list I may do out of order is Human Nature/The Family of Blood which will happen when I read the novel Human Nature  The timing of these reviews may not be very consistent, but I will try to do one of the worst and one of the best per week.

Next up is the novel reviews.  For the month of January they have been going a bit slower than November and December, mainly due to a busy schedule.  The speed of these reviews should begin to speed up a bit now and I am already nearly through The Dimension Riders.  After that my goal is to be up to Legacy by the end of January and have started the Virgin Missing Adventures by the end of February.  That depends on my schedule and anything unforeseen coming up.  I also hope to eventually branch out into other reviews of things non Doctor Who related

Below is the tentative schedule for everything until the end of February:

Jan. 17-23
The Dimension Riders
Delta and the Bannermen
The Five Doctors
The Left Handed-Hummingbird

Jan. 24-30
No Future
Four to Doomsday
Tragedy Day

Jan. 31-Feb 6
Theatre of War (novel)
Theatre of War (audio)
The Web Planet
The Tomb of the Cybermen

Feb 7-13
All-Consuming Fire (novel)
Love and Monsters
All-Consuming Fire (audio)
The Ark in Space
Blood Harvest

Feb 14-20
Goth Opera
Arc of Infinity
Strange England
The Deadly Assassin

Feb 21-27
First Frontier
The Time Monster
St. Anthony's Fire
The Seeds of Doom

Feb 28-March 5
Venusian Lullaby
Falls the Shadow
The Horns of Nimon
The Crystal Bucephalus
The Power of the Daleks

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