Wednesday, March 2, 2016

First Thirty Virgin New Adventures Ranked

Now that I'm about halfway through the Virgin New Adventures let's take a look at how I ranked the first thirty from the worst to the best.

30. Strange England by: Simon Messingham - 0/100:
One of the worst novels I've ever had the misfortune to read with senseless plot and violence every other page.
29. The Pit by: Neil Penswick - 5/100:
Neil Penswick's only novel is extremely difficult to get through and only succeeds in its early TARDIS scenes.
28. Transit by: Ben Aaronovitch - 30/100
The writer of my favorite Doctor Who story brings an utterly tasteless tale full of good ideas that are brought down by trying to be way too adult for its own good.
27. Tragedy Day by: Gareth Robets - 35/100
Roberts' second novel is traditional fare suffering from an imitation of Douglas Adams which could be great and Timelash which couldn't
26. Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark by: Andrew Hunt - 40/100
A lackluster conclusion to the loosely connected trilogy of Cat's Cradle story
25. The Dimension Riders by: Daniel Blythe - 45/100
Trying its hardest to be Shada this novel fails miserably with some confusing plotline not connecting into anything of the Alternate Universe Cycle
24. Legacy by: Gary Russell - 50/100
An average story inspired by the Peladon stories of the Third Doctor's era with a striking cover
23. Timewyrm: Apocalypse by: Nigel Robinson - 50/100
Short yet oddly boring
22. Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible by: Marc Platt - 62/100
A rich story with Gallifrey's society being some of the richest we've seen it with terrifyingly large worm villains
21. The Highest Science by: Gareth Roberts - 65/100
Cyborg Space Turtles...that is all.
20. Shadowmind by: Christopher Bulis - 70/100
A great first attempt for a novel, but quite a few problems stop this interesting story from becoming a quick classic
19. First Frontier by: David A. McIntee - 70/100
Immersion into the Cold War at its finest
18. Theatre of War by: Justin Richards 72/100
Reads much like a stage play which works well on audio but not nearly as well in novel form
17. White Darkness by: David A. McIntee - 75/100
A great historical piece in an odd historical setting plus Lovecraftian Gods
16. Timewyrm: Genesys by: John Peel - 75/100
The beginning of the range has a promising enough start with a lot of exposition dumping, but quite a few instances of really too adult material causing whiplash for fans of the television series

And Now For the Top 15...

15. Lucifer Rising by: Andy Lane and Jim Mortimore - 78/100
Some thrilling prose from two great authors with character drama in abound
14. No Future by: Paul Cornell 80/100
A thrilling return for a villain from the early classic series that ends the Alternate History Cycle with some great prose and a brilliant setting
13. Blood Heat by: Jim Mortimore - 80/100
While not as good as Doctor Who and the Silurians it is an interesting look into a parallel universe

12. Nightshade by: Mark Gatiss - 80/100
Oh I can't wait for this adaptation
11. Cat's Cradle: Warhead by: Andrew Cartmel - 80/100
Turning The Green Death into a global blockbuster
10. Iceberg by: David Banks - 85/100
A classic Cybermen story the New Series could only dream of coming up with
9. Deceit by: Peter Darvill-Evans - 90/100
Wrapping up quite a few story threads with a story straight out of a Science Fiction Double Feature
8. The Left-Handed Hummingbird by: Kate Orman - 90/100
Proving my theory that women write the best Doctor Who stories
7. Blood Harvest by: Terrance Dicks - 92/100
Al Capone plus Vampires and Romana, what could go wrong?
6. Birthright by: Nigel Robinson - 92/100
Robinson redeems himself with the first Doctor-light story
5. Timewyrm: Revelation by: Paul Cornell - 95/100
A thrilling dance with Death that closes the Timewyrm arc
4. Timewyrm: Exodus by: Terrance Dicks - 100/100
Ah Terrance Dicks you can even make the Doctor save Hitler and it works
3. Love and War by: Paul Cornell - 100/100
Doctor meet Professor Bernice Surprise Summerfield and say goodbye to Ace
2. Conundrum by: Steve Lyons - 100/100
Guys remember The Mind Robber right? Well this story is that done even better


drumroll please...
1. All-Consuming Fire by: Andy Lane - 100/100
Doctor Who meets Sherlock Holmes while they fight even more Lovecraftian Horrors with some of the best storytelling of the range.

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